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What is Talecraft?

As a game, Talecraft aims to promote creative thinking through story creation. As a story-creation tool, Talecraft aims to help writers generate ideas for stories, and help combat Mental Block.


How to Play Talecraft

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How to Play

To play the game, the cards must first be arranged into three stacks: The Genre stack, the Archetype stack, and the Key stack. The cards are facing down.

First, each player must pick one card each from the Genre Stack. That card will determine what genre the player's story has to be. Next, each player must take two cards each from the Archetype Stack. One card will be their main protagonist, and the other card will be their main antagonist. Next, the players must pick six cards each from the Key Stack.

If the player picks a Keyword, the player must integrate that as a major factor or important item in the story, which the player will create at the end of the game. If it is a Plotline, the plot of the player's story must follow it. If a player picks more than one Plotline, the player must decide which Plotline will be used as a main plot of the story, and which will be used as subplots. If it is an instruction that tells the player to pick, the player must follow it and pick a card from either the Genre Stack (the player's story now has more than one genre, i.e. Romantic Fantasy) or the Archetype Stack (the player is now required to add another character). If the player picks an instruction that tells him to swap, the player is given the opportunity to discard one of his cards (any of the three types: Genre, Archetype, or Key) and pick a new card of the same type.

The players will then have five minutes to create their stories, and then take turns telling their created stories.


How to Win

It is not a requirement to appoint a winner when playing Talecraft. Since the aim of the game is to make stories, and the basis of a good story often depends on the judges's personal taste, Talecraft is often played without declaring winners. Should a winner be required, however, here is how it is done:

Each player will have a cup before him. After the player tells his story, all the other players will drop coins in the storyteller's cup, depending on its impact on them. If a player thinks the storyteller's story was not well made (like if there are a lot of loose ends, or if the events of the story are too scattered), the player does not drop any coin into the storyteller's cup. If the player thinks the story is acceptable but has little impact on him, he drops a coin in the cup. If the story manages to amuse the player, he drops two coins. And if the story awes him, he drops three coins. At the end of the game, or rounds of game, the players tally the scores. The player with the most coins wins.

Another way to decide a winner for Talecraft is to appoint a non-player as a judge who would decide who the winner is to be.


Talecraft Products

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Talecraft Game

Talecraft is a card game to help make stories. It provides the different Genres and Archetypes as cards. Since the setting is dependent on the genre of the story, Talecraft leaves the creation of the time and place to the imagination of the player. For the plot, Talecraft uses the Key cards, where a player may either be given plots, or keywords that would govern the story. Players may be required to add more characters to his cards. In this event, the player's story would be more character-driven than plot-driven.

A player of Talecraft has to create a story using the cards he had picked. The limit the picked cards set to a player prompts the use of the player's resourcefulness; and the need to fit all the cards into a story stretches his imagination.

Talecraft is available online and in major bookstores in the Philippines. You may also email us for bulk orders.

Talecraft Boosters

After playing Talecraft for a while, it's not surprising to find yourself in need of new cards. Booster packs contain new Talecraft cards that you can add to your current deck. Talecraft currently has two types of Booster packs out in the market: The Talecraft Fantasy Booster, and the Talecraft General Booster.

The Fantasy Booster contains new Talecraft cards related to fantasy including fantasy subgenres like High Fantasy and Dark Fantasy, and fantasy-related archetypes like the Black Knight and the Wise Old Man.

The General Booster contains genres, archetypes and keywords that are not necessarily related to any existing genre of the original Talecraft deck. Some of the cards included in the General Booster are the Comedy genre card, the Inspirational genre card, and the Shadow Jungian archetype card.

Note: Each booster contains ten (10) new Talecraft cards. Once you buy the boosters, there is no need to buy them again as all packs contain the same set of cards. The boosters are currently not available.

Talecraft Character Builder

Character-making is arguably the most interesting, most important, yet most difficult part of making stories. When characters are well-defined, the story unfolds, seemingly by itself, before our very eyes. But when characters are not well-developed, they tend to look unrealistic and very two-dimensional.

The Talecraft Character Builder is a specially designed notebook that helps users come up with characters with depth, direction and growth. It is a template that is filled-up like an autograph book with information about the characteristics, habits, and growth of the character.

The Character Builder contains template sheets for fifty (50) characters.

Talecraft Character Builder is available online and in major bookstores in the Philippines. You may also email us for bulk orders.

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